Tuesday, July 25, 2017

King of the Hill - Double IPA


So the last time I posted a blog about one of my brews was way back on April of 2016. From that time till now, we sold our old home and locked into building a new home,and it took till June 2017 to finally close and move into our new home. It was long process, but well worth the wait.

One feature I got them to add to the home, that all home brewers will love... a gas line! I got two actually one for the grill on the back and one in the garage. I have yet to convert the burner to natural gas, but I hope to do that soon, but I did get to brew my first beer.

Every year around this time, I usually brew an IPA, but this year marks a special occasion for me.

TEN yes 10 glorious years have passed when I first tried my hand at home brewing. It was a brown ale and I was totally confused about everything I was doing.  But wait when am I not ? Back then it wasn't great but it was most importantly ---  🍺 drinkable, or like "some" people say quaffable.

I have learned a lot during the process... like don't try to pore a glass carboy full of pink beer into a bottling bucket.. BOOM... or the day I got 2nd degree burns on my hand because of boil over, or the day I tried adding spices and added chicken lemon pepper... (anybody want to drink soap?). I learn things by trial and error, mostly error but when I get it right... man is it good. I like to think there is less error now a days, but as soon as I believe that I am doomed to repeat it.

So in honor of being in a new home, and being a home brewer now for 10 years. I decided to brew a 10 gallon batch of beer. 5 gallons of it is a Double IPA at 10%  abv and 100 IBUs, and the other 5 gallons a pale ale at 5% abv and 50 IBUs. I have a ton of hops in this brew like Citra, Moteka... etc I could bore you to tears on all the details which I will... soon... but for  now go out enjoy some beer with friends and family.

Oh and don't forget for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY make sure that delicious brew is brewed as local as local can be... aka come on over and have a few... because I'm a home brewer and ibrw4u.

Cheers y'all!

Mashing time!


double IPA

pale ale

pineapple and hops in the secondary

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